About Us

About Us

Our History

Since opening our doors, Sandstone Legal has been committed to two key principles: delivering efficient, affordable, and high-quality legal services and client satisfaction. 

 This not only applies within the business, but to the wider community too. At  Sandstone, we are passionate about getting involved in the local community and giving back through donations to local charities, both professional and amateur clubs, and schools. 

Our Future

Moving forward, we aim to build upon the good work we have already accomplished as a team. We know there’s no end to what we can achieve together and how we can improve, whether that be with the services we offer or our customer relations. 

We plan to drive efficiency to ensure our clients have the best possible experience with us. To do this, we are dedicated to training our staff, using the latest technology, and proactively engaging with our clients. Our goal is to anticipate our client’s every need or query. We want our clients to be informed and confident about the progress of their case. We don’t want them wasting their time on the phone; they should have their answer before they even ask their question. That is what we can achieve when we focus on improvement.