Lee Anderson

Director of Legal Operations Lee’s cause for the past 25 years has been to provide first class legal service to clients at an affordable cost – he is still motivated by that same cause today. In his spare time, he’s an avid foodie and football supporter who likes to take long walks with his family.

Mohammed Esa

Legal Director With more than a decade of experience as a qualified solicitor within civil litigation, Mohammed is knowledgeable in all areas regarding the structure, culture and procedures that make up the legal profession. Outside of work, he takes an interest in astronomy, travel, sports, and martial arts.

Dave Holley

Head of Advocacy and Head of Irresponsible Lending and Hidden Commissions Two decades after he was called to the Bar, Dave has gone on to accumulate a wealth of experience in contentious civil and commercial law, housing, insolvency and debt, BEC, and now irresponsible lending and hidden commissions. Out of work, he enjoys brewing beer […]

Andy Lyon

Head of Supply Management Having worked within the legal and insurance industry for the last 15 years, Andy has gained experience within numerous areas of litigation, including financial misselling, insurance claims, personal injury, and employers’ liability. Outside of work, Andy is a keen golfer, both as a player and spectator, and is passionate about everything […]

Abha Benjamin

Solicitor/Head of Lancaster site Having worked in law for thirteen years, Abha’s newest challenge is managing the growing litigation team in Lancaster who work on HDR and different sectors within financial misselling and unfair lending. She loves a Nando’s and travelling, especially to Santorini which she visited recently.

Rochelle Dures

Head of Housing Disrepair Department With over a decade’s worth of experience in the legal sector, Rochelle is well-versed in the areas of civil litigation, HDR, Housing Management, anti-social behaviour, road traffic accidents, and employers’ and public liability. An avid spinner and hiker, she likes to spend time with her children and make a difference […]

Patricia Kelly

Team Leader Patricia is a newly qualified solicitor with six years of invaluable experience working in the legal industry under her belt. Her specialisations are HDR, employers’ and public liability, and road traffic accidents. Outside of work, she loves spending quality time with her children and going to the gym.

Jake Owen

Team Leader With over seven years’ experience as a litigator, Jake possesses vital knowledge of various different areas of law, such as personal injury, flight delays, mis-sold mortgages, and financial misselling. As part of Sandstone’s academy programme, he is now undertaking the GFL with the aim to qualify as a solicitor. Outside of work, you […]

Jack Griffiths

Team Leader Throughout his five years’ experience in the legal profession, Jack has gained experience in a wide range of legal matters, including Plevin, BEC, MIB claims, and payday loans. He is currently completing the GFL as part of Sandstone Legal’s academy programme. In his free time, he enjoys watching football (he’s a Manchester City […]