How Do I Know If I Was Mis Sold Car Finance?

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When someone buys a car on finance, they trust that the deal they’re getting is fair and transparent. However, sometimes, this trust might be misplaced, leading to what’s known as being “mis-sold” car finance.

This article aims to shed light on how individuals can recognise if they’ve fallen into this situation. Mis-selling can happen in various ways, such as not being fully informed about the financial agreement’s terms, hidden costs, or the suitability of the finance option for the needs of the buyer.

Understanding the signs of mis-selling is worth noting for anyone who has purchased a car on finance. With the right knowledge, people can identify if they’ve been treated unfairly and explore what steps they can take to address the issue, including seeking legal advice from professionals.


Mis-Sold PCP and UK Car Finance Agreements

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreements stand out as a popular option for many individuals looking to drive a car without the upfront cost of buying one outright. However, these agreements can sometimes lead to situations where the person buying the car is mis-sold finance options.

Mis-selling occurs when the person buying a car is not being fully informed about:

  • The total costs involved, including the balloon payment at the end of the contract or discretionary commissions.
  • The implications of exceeding mileage limits and the condition of the car upon return.

Key red flags to watch out for include salespeople glossing over the details of the contract, not explaining the financial implications of the agreement fully, or pushing the agreement as the only or best option without considering the customer’s needs and circumstances.

It’s also concerning if there’s a lack of clear information on interest rates, especially on the lowest rate available, and how they affect monthly payments and the total amount payable over the term of the agreement.

Understanding these nuances is crucial for anyone considering taking out a PCP or currently under a PCP or any UK car finance agreement, as it empowers them to make informed decisions and recognise when they might not have received the full picture before signing on the dotted line.


Compiling Evidence of Mis-Selling Finance Options

When someone suspects they have been mis-sold car finance, gathering strong evidence is a crucial step. This process involves collecting all documents related to the finance agreement, including:

  • Whether the contract (PCP or HP finance, or other types of UK car finance agreements) is fair for all parties involved;

  • Any conversations with the salesperson or finance broker;

  • And promotional materials that might have influenced the decision.

Important pieces of evidence could be anything that shows the terms were not fully explained, such as hidden commissions or fees that were never discussed, or if there was undue pressure to agree to the finance.

For instance, if the car dealers or lenders did not fully explain how the final balloon payment works in a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement, or failed to mention the consequences of exceeding the mileage limit, these points should be noted. It’s also wise to keep a record of any adverts or brochures that promised conditions or prices not matched by the contract.

In essence, the goal is to build a case that clearly shows discrepancies between what was promised or explained and the actual agreement terms. This evidence is then used to support if one is entitled to a claim for mis-sold car finance, helping to make a strong argument for compensation.


Steps to File a Claim for Mis-Sold Car Finance

To file a claim for mis-sold car finance, you should follow these steps:

  1. Gather Documentation: Start by collecting all relevant documents, such as your finance agreement, any communication with the finance provider, and promotional materials you were given.

  2. Review Your Agreement: Take a close look at your contract, paying special attention to the terms and conditions. Note any discrepancies or terms not clearly explained to you at the time of the agreement.

  3. Seek Legal Advice: Consider consulting with legal experts who specialise in car finance claims. They can provide valuable advice on the strength of your case and the best way to proceed.

  4. Submit Your Claim: With all the necessary documentation and legal advice, submit your claim to the finance provider. If they are not responsive or the issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may escalate your claim to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

These steps are designed to guide individuals through the process of seeking compensation for mis-sold car finance, helping to navigate through any challenges that may arise.

Organising Relevant Documents From The Lender or Salesperson

When one believes their car finance was not sold correctly, it’s crucial to gather all related paperwork. This includes:

  • the finance agreement

  • any communications with the salesperson or car dealership

  • and notes from conversations that took place.

These documents serve as evidence, helping to clearly show what was agreed upon at the time of purchase. Individuals need to keep these records in order, as they play a vital role in supporting any claim of mis-selling.

Reviewing Terms and Conditions of UK Car Finance Agreements

When individuals enter into a car finance deal, whether PCP or Hire Purchase (HP) agreement, it’s crucial they thoroughly review the terms and conditions provided.

This step is essential for understanding the agreement’s full scope, including interest rates, payment schedules, and any penalties for late payments or exceeding mileage limits.

If there’s any confusion or something doesn’t seem right, seeking advice from legal experts can provide clarity and ensure one’s rights are protected. This diligence can prevent misunderstandings and potential disputes in the future.

Consulting with Legal Experts

Seeking advice from legal experts is a crucial step in the process if one suspects their car has not been presented accurately or they haven’t been made aware of all necessary details.

Our solicitors at Sandstone Legal can shed light on aspects of the process that may work in an individual’s favour, especially in cases of mis-selling.

Their expertise ensures that every angle of the situation is explored, offering the best chance of rectifying any wrongs related to mis-selling on all types of car finance agreements. This guidance is invaluable for those feeling uncertain or overwhelmed by their circumstances.

Submitting Your Claim

When one believes they have been wrongly sold car finance, submitting a claim is a critical step. This process involves preparing and presenting evidence of the mis-sold agreement to the relevant financial institution or the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

Individuals should ensure their documentation is thorough, including the contract, any communications with the finance provider, and details of how the product was sold to them.

It’s advisable to seek guidance from solicitors or claims experts who can provide assistance to make a claim successful. This step is about asserting one’s rights and seeking fair redress.


What Should I Expect From a Mis-Sold Car Finance Claim?

  • When someone submits a claim for mis-sold car finance, the outcomes can vary widely. The amount of compensation they may receive is influenced by several factors:

    • The nature of the mis-selling;
    • The terms of the finance agreement;
    • And the evidence they provide to support their claim.

  • In some cases, you could see a reduction in their remaining payments, a refund of interest paid, or, in certain instances, a complete cancellation of the contract.

It’s important for claimants to have realistic expectations and understand that the process requires thorough documentation and possibly legal guidance. Sandstone Legal can offer expertise in assessing the strength of a claim and navigating the process to seek the fairest resolution.


Mis-Sold Car Finance Compensation Through Sandstone Legal

At Sandstone Legal, we understand how troubling it can be to realise you’ve been mis-sold car finance. Our team is here to support and guide you through every step of seeking compensation. We specialise in dealing with such issues, offering clear advice and robust representation to ensure your voice is heard.

Starting with a straightforward review of your situation, we’ll help you gather all the necessary evidence and organise your documents to build a strong case. Our legal experts will then advise you on the best course of action, whether that involves negotiating with finance providers or taking your claim to the financial ombudsman.

Throughout the process, we aim to keep things as stress-free as possible for you. We’ll handle the complex legal details, allowing you to focus on what matters most. With Sandstone Legal, you’re not just getting legal assistance; you’re gaining a partner committed to securing you receive compensation that you deserve.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a mis-sold car finance agreement, reach out to us. Let’s work together to put things right.

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