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The idea of writing a will may seem daunting and sombre. Still, it helps to leave loved ones with a valid will with your final wishes and the names of those who will get your personal possessions upon your passing. The document will also name the executors of your estate who will handle your final affairs and ensure your beneficiaries get what you leave them, whether it’s money, property, or sentimental items.

If you’re ready to start writing your will but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help at Sandstone Legal. The will-writing solicitors at our law firm have years of experience providing legal advice to clients who don’t want to fall prey to will-writing’s most common mistakes or leave their families without clear instructions on handling their affairs after death.

It doesn’t matter if you need to create your first original will, need to manage some financial problems or major life changes that require a new will. Sandstone Legal’s wills and trusts solicitors can help.

You’re Probably Wondering…

Though many people understand what a will is, not everyone knows how to create it or if it requires help from professional will writers. The process might seem complex to some people. For others, a will might seem unnecessary.

The details below will shed light on wills, their importance, and when to seek legal advice from a wills and probate solicitor.

When Should I Write a Will?

A common misconception about wills is that they’re only for elderly adults with a large estate and lots of money. However, anyone over 18 with a home, a career, children or dependents, tangible or intangible property, or savings or investment accounts should consider drafting a will.

You can create a will before or after marriage; you don’t have to wait until you are elderly, sick or have a diminished mental capacity to create an estate planning document. Without it, you leave everything for the courts to decide. This could result in the exclusion of a civil partner as a beneficiary, someone you don’t want to have your house or possessions getting your assets, or loved ones fighting over personal items.

The best way to ensure your family respects your final wishes is to create an estate plan with a will. You can choose executors of your estate and leave money and property to several family members or give all the assets to your surviving spouse, children, or even an ex-partner.

Can I Write a Will Myself?

You can create your will if your final wishes and list of beneficiaries are straightforward and uncomplicated. If you wish to forego the experience and guidance of a probate service, you can draft your will following these steps:

  • List your assets and final wishes: Assets could be physical property like a permanent home, intellectual property like copyrights, money, stocks, artwork, and family heirlooms. List everything, including names of those you want to leave items to. Then, describe how you would like your loved ones to honour your life when you pass.
  • Gather documents: Some documents you’ll need to create a will include birth and death certificates, deeds, insurance policies, funeral plans, and bank account details.
  • Choose executor and beneficiaries: Executors are trusted people who will handle your legal, moral, and financial obligations after you pass. Beneficiaries are those who will get benefits from your whole estate or part of it.
  • Sign the will: Your signature will finalize the will. You may also need the signatures of two witnesses to verify the document’s validity and show you are of sound mind.

Do I Need To Hire Solicitors To Write My Own Will?

Even if will writing seems simple, you could still make unfortunate mistakes that create complex circumstances for your loved ones upon your death. Mistakes you could make when creating your will include:

  • Not accounting for all of your money and assets
  • Changing the legal document without signatures or witnesses
  • Not understanding how a marriage, civil partnership, partnership breakup, or divorce could impact the will

With help from knowledgeable solicitors, wills and probate drafting processes can be more seamless with less risk of complications. Lawyers for wills can provide clear advice for your personal circumstances or if your circumstances change after making a will.

You should pursue a will-writing service if you share property with someone who isn’t a spouse, have relatives who could make a claim on the will, like a spouse from a previous relationship, or want to create provisions for a dependant who can’t advocate for themselves. You should also get help from a solicitor for wills if your permanent residence isn’t in the United Kingdom or if you’re a resident with overseas properties. You’ll also need a solicitor if you must pay Inheritance Tax.


How Much Do Will-Writing Solicitors Cost?

The cost of hiring wills and probate lawyers depends on the services you use and the complexity of your will. Professional will-writing services can range from £100 to £1,500, but a probate service for a complex estate can be more costly.

The service includes professional guidance from a wills and trusts solicitor to ensure the document is legal and aligns with your wishes. Always seek will-writing solicitors with recognition from a professional body like the Law Society.

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We’re Here To Help

The Sandstone Legal team consists of experienced wills solicitors. Our legal team understands that drafting a will isn’t easy, but we’re here to help.

As an approachable and knowledgeable legal firm, our lawyers have years of probate experience. We help people with civil partners or unmarried partners who share a family home and married couples who desire mirror wills. We also help people create a single will to outline their desires for the care of their children.

Whether you need a new will to reflect life changes, like the Inheritance tax payable to your estate, or guidance drafting your first will, we can help. Our team strives to provide the best guidance and legal insight while streamlining processes to make things easier for our clients.


What To Expect From Your Wills Solicitor

If you decide to hire a wills and probate lawyer from Sandstone Legal, you are taking the proper steps to protect your loved ones as they mourn your loss. Our will-drafting service will protect your children, your remaining partner, and your possessions, no matter your circumstances.

We can help with:

  • Emergency will drafting
  • Recovering lost wills
  • Challenging a will
  • Altering a will
  • Making a Lasting Power of Attorney

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